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Canadians across the country hold important meetings, interviews, or appointments on a daily basis. It can be important to have a record of what’s said during those times, which is why there’s a need to transcribe that information.
There are many transcription firms from which to choose, and they’re located all over the globe. But if you’re located within Canada, using Canadian transcription services makes more sense and it offers a number of benefits.


Let's say you decide to choose an American transcript service. The company has offered you an excellent price and a quick turnaround time. You reason that because the transcription company is based in an English speaking country, the result of the audio typing will reflect Canadian spelling.

Don’t expect that to be the case. Canada uses a mix of British spelling and American spelling, and American typists frequently don’t understand the difference. There’s a very good chance you’ll receive a document in which not everything is spelled by the transcriber the way you’d expect.

Secondly, when it comes to medical transcription services, a Canadian transcriber company will employ typists who have experience with terms unique to the Canadian medical system. Transcriptionists from other countries might not understand that terminology and you won’t receive an accurate record.


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Thirdly, transcription firms based in non-native English speaking countries might offer better rates, but the quality will most certainly be much lower than if you chose a company that employed Canadian typists. They might not be as familiar with the nuances of the English language or with the variety of accents that exist in Canada. That could be problematic if you’re interviewing someone who isn’t a native English speaker, or perhaps someone who comes from a region with defined speech patterns. Let’s say you want podcast transcripts. An inability to understand the diversity of Canadian accents could lead to a document full of errors.

Finally, security is a significant concern. When you choose a Canadian transcription company with high security standards, your data will be stored in a cloud storage facility within Canadian borders. Why is this important? If you use an American transcription firm, the information could reside within American borders. And that would give the American government the right to access it should there be even the slightest suspicion of terrorist activity.
Moreover, some Canadian government agencies and a few provincial governments require that certain types of data be stored within Canada. When you use a transcription firm that isn’t based in Canada, there’s no guarantee that your documents and audio files will be stored on a cloud server within Canada’s borders.


If you’re looking for a Canadian company to handle your audio transcription needs, turn to My Other Office. We’re a transcription firm based in Canada. Our typists transcribe a wide variety of documents for many industries, and they have years of experience. Transcriptionists for My Other Office undergo rigorous training before they begin to work for us. In addition to employing only the top typists, My Other Office stores its data on Canadian servers, and your information never leaves the country. Contact us at (647)278-6672 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote.  





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