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Have you ever been in a situation where you participated in a critical business meeting, and the person who was tasked with taking notes didn’t do a very good job? You and the other participants are undoubtedly disappointed. There are other, larger consequences, though. The note taker might have missed out on vital insights, comments, and facts that could have a huge impact on your business.


It’s times like these that recording meetings, conference calls, focus groups, or brainstorming sessions is a necessity. However, the downside of video or audio recordings is that it can take minutes (if not longer) to find relevant points in the recording. That’s why so many firms turn to business transcription services.



It can take hours to transcribe video and audio recordings. The resources devoted to transcribing could be allocated elsewhere. Dictation companies provide the solution to this problem.


Transcription agencies hire professional typists who are experienced in transforming recordings into word-for-word text documents quickly. Their accuracy and speed lead to a rapid return on investment for their clients.



Not all dictation companies are created equally. My Other Office’s transcriptionists are highly trained and skilled. We won’t hire anyone with less than five years of experience. And all of our employees undergo a rigorous training process. They have performed business dictation in a variety of industries, including IT, finance, and insurance.


Our typists’ knowledge of various fields means that they are familiar with your industry’s terminology and document formatting requirements for business transcription services.


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At My Other Office, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver business dictation projects quickly and accurately. When you become our client, you can rest assured that our work will be virtually error free and we will ensure that it is completed by the deadline. Do you need business transcription within a few days? My Other Office can work with you to meet your needs.


Security is a top priority for us at My Other Office. All of our typists are located within Canada – we never outsource projects outside of Canada. Our servers are in Canada, too, and the data never leaves the country. Simply upload a digital version of your recording to our server, and we take care of the rest. If you prefer, we can set up a secure personal account for file uploads.


We understand our clients need maximum flexibility, which is why the typists at My Other Office are skilled at video transcription, too. You won’t miss a moment of a recorded seminar, speech, board meeting, or focus group with our thorough documentation.


Over the years, My Other Office has gained a reputation for exceeding our clients’ needs. Our customers have been so satisfied with our work that they’ve used our services multiple times.


Want to learn how My Other Office’s business dictation services can help your business? Call us today at 647-278-6672. We’ll provide you with a free demo of our services.




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