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Focus groups are an important tool in marketing and academic research. They provide valuable insight and observations about product and services. Focus groups are also very helpful in determining how people feel about a particular topic or issue.


My Other Office offers focus group transcription services to ensure that you capture every single opinion shared with group interviews transcripts to meet your research needs.



Focus group interviews can last for hours. Sometimes, participants talk over each other or talk out of turn. It’s not uncommon for some remarks to be inaudible during group interviews.


As a researcher, you don’t have time to transcribe the content of these focus groups. However, you need to understand what crucial issues and themes will guide your research. Allow the experienced transcriptionists at My Other Office to transform the recordings of your focus groups into a comprehensive document which you can analyze and draw relevant conclusions to complete your research project.



When it comes to transcription service companies, you have a wide variety of options. So, why pick My Other Office?


Our expert transcribers all have at least five years of experience transcribing. They have expertise in a range of industries, including academic research. Before we hire them, candidates must undergo a rigorous screening process. And they are accustomed to transcribing recordings of focus groups verbatim (meaning word for word) or using the intelligent verbatim method (leaving out the “ums” and “uhs”). Our professional typists will also differentiate between focus group members and the facilitators to create the most accurate transcript for your research.


At My Other Office, accuracy is one half of the equation. The other half is speed. We know that academic transcription must be delivered under tight deadlines. That’s why we work with you to provide transcriptions service on your schedule.


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Our clients can also count on us for security and privacy. All of our transcriptionists are based in Canada. Our secure servers are located here, too. No data ever leaves the country. In addition, we’re HIPAA compliant, which makes My Other Office an ideal solution for medical research transcription. There’s even an option for us to create a personal account, so you can upload your files with complete confidence that only authorized personnel will access them.


We also offer our clients the flexibility they need to complete their transcription projects. You can send us various audio files as well as video files. Our skilled transcriptionists are trained to handle both types of files. Whatever file format you choose, the result will be a flawlessly rendered, word-for-word text of the focus group interview.


But you don’t have to take our word for it. Ask our satisfied customers who have used us repeatedly for their research transcription needs. They’ll tell you that we exceeded their expectations for accuracy and speed.


Want to learn more about why My Other Office is the right choice for your focus group transcription project? Call us today at 647-278-6672, and you’ll receive a free demo of our services. 




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